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Check points (key points), language test check points:Check the conforms of the contextIn order to save costs for end users, we believe that LQA should no longer be used to check for basic translation errors, but only be used to correct translation deviations due to lack of context during the translation process.Check the truncated textThe text len...

Check points (key points), language test check points:

Check the conforms of the context

In order to save costs for end users, we believe that LQA should no longer be used to check for basic translation errors, but only be used to correct translation deviations due to lack of context during the translation process.

Check the truncated text

The text length may change after the software localization. The tester will check whether the text in the interface elements such as labels, message boxes, and tabs is truncated during the test.

Check the missing translation

In the process of extracting the software into translatable text, all the displayed text may not be extracted due to various reasons. Testers identify and promptly report such problems during testing and update translations when translatable strings are available.

Check the input field accepts of the target languages

Software written in single-byte characters (such as English) as the source language may have poor support for double-byte characters (such as Chinese). The tester will enter the target language into the text-inputable field during the test, and check the software's support for the target language.

Check the hotkeys and shortcut keys.

The tester will check whether the hot keys and shortcut keys are working properly, and there are no duplicate settings or missing settings.

Check the data format of the software target language

Testers will check if the currency, time, weights and measures, and sorting methods are used in the software conform to the habits of the target market.


  • Software UI localization In the software user interface localization, the processing of variables is one of the difficult points. In addition, due to the limitation of the software layout, the translation should be short and accurate.
  • User manual localization When completing the localization of the user manual, you should pay attention to know if the software has been localized, and use a bilingual comparison form for the software interface according to the situation, or follow the existing translation in the software.
  • Multilingual LQA testing The focus of multilingual LQA testing is to check the suitability of the translation in the actual operating environment. At the same time, the aesthetics of the layout should be considered, and suggestions for revision of the translation should be put forward appropriately to avoid orphaned characters.
  • Technical support document localization As an important supplement to customer software after-sales service, when localizing technical support documents, the technical details should be handled carefully, and customers should be consulted when necessary, so as to provide accurate localized translations.
  • Online help system localization The main points of online help system localization are similar to the main points of user manual localization. It should be noted that the index terms should be flexibly processed according to the characteristics of the target language to improve the search efficiency of users.
  • Localization software screenshot production In the localized software, the screenshot content in the source file is accurately reproduced through actual operation, and the screenshot of the localized version is collected.

LocalizationLine's Solutions

  • Software information project management team

    LocalizationLine carefully selects native translators with knowledge of the Software information industry and many years of translation experience for each long-term customer, and establishes a multi-language professional localization project management team composed of native translators, industry experts, localization engineers, project managers and DTP typesetting personnel. After the translation of the manuscript is completed, experts in the Software information industry will review and check the industry terminology and professional expression, and improve the language quality to make it conform to the industry habits of the target language.

  • Well-designed 5-step process management

    LocalizationLine implements the process of "translation + editing + typesetting + technical proofreading (for technical manuscripts) + proofreading" for each project, and maintains high professional standards. Before sending the completed project to the customer, it will take special measures and the content is reviewed twice to ensure that the project is error-free and meets the highest industry standards.

  • Customer-exclusive industry TB & TM

    For each long-term client, LocalizationLine establish an exclusive style guide, TB (Term Base) and TM (Translation Memory) and update them in time to ensure long-term stable translation quality, improve efficiency, and help huge project implementation and cost control.

  • On-time delivery

    We will match a sufficient number of translators for your project, and update the project processing progress of each translator in real time on the platform, and make timely responses and adjustments. Maximize to ensure that we can deliver your project within the deadline.

  • Confidentiality

    We are well aware of the importance of confidentiality in the multimedia industry. Not only will we sign a "confidentiality agreement" with each customer, but the project participants will also sign relevant confidentiality agreements. LocalizationLine has a bank-level encrypted transmission system and translation process management certification. We strictly follow the confidential process and guidelines to ensure the security of all customers' documents, data and information.

  • Tool support

    Projects management platform, Documents management platform, Documents transfer platform, Cloud customer management system, Self-developed online translation tool, Order management system, and related tools can also be customized according to client needs.

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