Large Professional TM

For each long-term client, we create a style guide, a TM (translation memory) and a TB (Termbase).


For each long-term client, we create a style guide, a TM (translation memory) and a TB (Termbase)

Style Guide

  • Basic project information

    Type of original, purpose of original, target audience, language pairs

  • Language style requirements

    The language style based on the project context, including the purpose of the original, target audience and client preferences。

  • Formatting requirements

    Font, font size, text colors, typographic formatting, etc.

  • Sentence and word databases

    Client-owned sentence and word databases.

  • Other

    Other client requirements and attentions for the original: expression of numbers, dates, units, etc.


  • Style guide

    With the increasing localized texts, how to ensure the format and language style of translations uniform over time becomes one of the concerns of clients.

    The style guides we develop are generally accumulated through communication with clients and actual translation services by account managers and project managers, including project notes, client preferences, formatting regulations and so on, to accumulate knowledge assets in project production, facilitate dissemination in project management and translation & review teams, and reduce quality instability caused by human factors.

  • TB Termbase

    Terminology such as terms specific to the client's industry, technical terms specified by the client, the names of company, department, brand, product, person, place, and job titles, slogans, advertising slogans, corporate culture, etc. These are undoubtedly the key to the success of translation projects, and LocalizationLine produces a terminology database for each long-term client, which we extract, review and then hand over to the client for confirmation, and continuously accumulate and manage in the project, so as to the terminology is managed and standardized, and shared with the translation & review teams in the production of the items through CAT tools.

  • TM Translation Memory

    Sentence unit.

    Former bilingual documents can be well aligned with the alignment tool to create bilingual or multilingual contrast.

    Ongoing translation projects use and further accumulate TM through the CAT tool.

    TM applied in CAT tools are more effective than electronic dictionaries, can be responded instantly in CAT tools, and easier to search and re-used over and over again.

    The TM functions and accumulates in the production of projects through the CAT tool. Clients can provide bilingual documents for the production of the TM, which will be processed into a bilingual contrast TM on a sentence unit by LocalizationLine. These TMs are then reused in the CAT tools and can be easily accessed by translators, editors, proofreaders and QA reviewers, ensuring consistency and accuracy of translations and continually reducing lead times without sacrificing translation quality.

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