Multimedia Localization

Distance-free format close to the audience

Authentic and accurate translation

Processing objects: film and television dramas, short company presentations, interviews, courseware, online learning, video localization, audiobooks, e-books, animation, cartoons, commercials, digital marketing

Comprehensive multimedia translation and localization services: video and animation websites teaching modules audio files TV shows/movies DVDs

Multimedia Localization


Service Items

Our Advantages

  • Transcription

    Our transcription team includes professional engineers in addition to native speakers, industry professionals, and professional translators. Under the condition that the audio quality of video files is clear, the team of engineers can help clients effectively shorten the duration and reduce the cost expenditure without sacrificing quality with the help of the latest automation tools.

  • Production line

    Production staff subtitle and dubbing synthesis and other production are carried out by professional engineers, which can meet the requirements of provincial radio and TV program production.

  • Voice-over personnel

    We have abundant multilingual voice-over resources to choose from, and can provide sample tapes according to the requirements of your video and audio content, and select voice-over personnel with the right gender, accent, tone, pitch, intonation and other styles, including native professional voice-over personnel of various foreign languages.

  • Professional equipment

    Full set of equipment for professional-grade recording studios, non-linear editing machines, shooting rockers, etc.

  • Software tools

    Software tools proficient in operating Premiere, After-effects, Cool Edit, Director, Flash, Photoshop, etc.

  • Quality monitoring

    A professional project manager to monitor and ensure perfect articulation of translation and production.

  • Confidentiality Agreement

    We will sign a Confidentiality Agreement not only with each client, but also with the personnel involved in the project. We will follow strict confidentiality processes and guidelines to ensure the safety of all our clients' documents, data and information.

  • Delivery guarantee

    We will match a sufficient number of translators for your project, and update the project processing progress of each translator in real time on the platform, and make timely responses and adjustments. Maximize to ensure that we can deliver your project within the deadline.

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