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       Applicable objects: projects with large amount of documents, urgent delivery, limited budget, low requirements, simple sentence structure, high text repetition, and more professional vocabulary.

Customizable machine translation solutions

       Machine translation is performed by a mature translation program, relying on the existing huge translation database that is constantly evolving and optimizing, as well as complex rules and algorithms, to provide fast automatic translation that is as close to natural language as possible. For large projects with high price requirements and lower quality requirements (such as internal training and other materials that are not used for public release), pure machine translation can be used directly to achieve multilingual communication at the fastest speed and lowest cost.

       If the translation quality requirements are high, but the target user group is small, and the importance of the original corpus is not worth investing a lot of cost for a complete professional manual translation, we recommend the use of machine translation + manual proofreading as a compromise plan. It can also provide multiple quality levels through a further QA process to meet different budgets and needs.

Our Process

       Post-machine translation editing is not synonymous with low quality, and post-machine translation editing must strictly follow the process and principles of this product. It may be the best solution in a suitable project. LocalizationLine Translation has always been open to new technologies and new innovations. It has been keeping up with the technological development trend of the industry, constantly improving its product portfolio, providing customers with more choices, let the many "impossible" before become more "possible" now.


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