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Intelligent Manufacturing丨Media丨Big Data
Medical and Healthcare丨Software and IT丨Legal and Finance丨Game
Retail and Consumer Goods丨Advertising and Marketing丨Tourism and Hotel
Architecture丨Literatures丨Energy, Chemical Industry and Environment丨More Industry

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Intelligent Manufacturing丨Media丨Big Data丨Medical and Healthcare丨Software and IT丨Legal and Finance丨Game丨Retail and Consumer Goods丨Advertising and Marketing丨Tourism and Hotel丨Architecture丨Literatures丨Energy, Chemical Industry and Environment丨More Industry丨

Intelligent Manufacturing丨Media丨Big Data丨

Medical and Healthcare丨Software and IT丨Legal and Finance丨


Retail and Consumer Goods丨Advertising and Marketing丨Tourism and Hotel丨

Architecture丨Literatures丨Energy, Chemical Industry and Environment丨

More Industry丨


  • Retail and Consumer Goods

    1,Product Manual丨Installation Instructions丨Training Manual

    2,Brand Press Release丨Consumer Product Report丨Standard Technical Regulations

    3,Safety Production Rules System丨Website/App Localization丨Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide

    4,Press Conference丨On-site Product Release Interpretation丨Business Contract

    5,Advertising Video Listening and Translation丨Forum Simultaneous Interpretation丨On-site Product Release Interpretation

  • Advertising and Marketing

    1,Press Release丨Newsletter丨Public Relations Document

    2,Marketing Plan丨Business Card丨Market Research

    3,Sponsorship Agreement丨Website丨Manual

  • Tourism and Hotel

    1,Destination Guide丨Travel Guide丨Travel Instructions

    2,Tourist Map丨Travel Website丨Travel Brochure

    3,Hotel Website丨Newsletter丨Country Description

    4,Healthcare Survey

  • Architecture

    1,Contract Translation丨Bid Documents丨Construction Engineering Materials

    2,Financial Documents丨Legal Provisions丨Geological Report

    3,Real Estate Building Book丨Operation Guidance Accompanying丨Engineering Drawings

    4,Website Localization丨Construction Engineering Paper丨Construction Technical Description

    5,Project Quantities List丨Construction Instructions丨Promotion Video of Real Estate

  • Literature

    1,Paper Translation丨Book Translation丨Historical Data Translation

    2,Novel Translation丨Script Translation丨Comic Translation

  • Energy and Chemical

    1,Marketing Communication Translation丨Multimedia Localization丨Industry Reports

    2,Petrochemical Industry Paper丨Website Translation丨DTP

    3,Conference Simultaneous Interpretation丨Legal Contract丨Product Manual

    4,Collaborative Establishment of Thesaurus and Sentence Database丨Business Negotiation丨Training Materials

    5,Exhibition Interpretation/Accompanying Interpretation丨On-site Interpreter Dispatch丨Multimedia Localization


Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Jewelry translation
  • watch translation
  • luxury goods translation
  • cosmetics translation
  • fashion translation
  • conference translation
  • food translation
  • consumer goods
  • e-commerce
  • household goods
  • home improvement products
Advertising and Marketing
  • Marketing communication copywriting translation
  • marketing communication copywriting creation translation
  • brand name/company name/slogan creation translation
Tourism and Hotel
  • Hotel translation
  • tourism translation
  • Architectural translation
  • environmental translation
  • engineering paper/contract translation
  • overseas translation
  • housing, real estate
  • Book translation
  • essay translation
  • literature materials
Energy and Chemical
  • Chemical translation
  • petrochemical translation
  • energy translation
  • metallurgical translation
  • mineral translation
  • energy translation
  • wind power translation
  • hydropower translation

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