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Blizzard Entertainment will suspend a number of game services in China? To review the "Warcraft" subtlety of the divine translation

release time:Nov 18,2022

On November 16, Blizzard Entertainment released a statement saying that the existing license agreement with NetEase will expire on January 23, 2023, and that the two sides have not reached a renewal agreement that is consistent with Blizzard's operating principles and commitment to players and employees.



Blizzard will then suspend some of its Blizzard game services in mainland China, including World of Warcraft, Hearthstone Legend, Overwatch, StarCraft, Warcraft III: Reset, Diablo III and Heroes of the Storm. The co-development and distribution of Diablo: Immortal involves a separate agreement between the two companies.

For the game to translate lines is a very difficult thing, Chinese translation itself is a very test of skill, both to the game content highly restored, but also to the game's characteristics and background set off, for the "World of Warcraft" for the huge story background, the character character of the distinct, it is to the Chinese translation of the snow, but there is no shortage of Chinese translation of some big brother. So, next take everyone to take stock of the famous scene of the Chinese translation of Warcraft.


1.The world of warcraft "egg total": you are seeking death

Think back in the year, the egg total this sentence "you are looking for death!" Ignited the enthusiasm of how many people, but this may also be a little deviated from the original translation, the original English: "You are not prepared! (This is how it was translated in Taiwan) It is said that because of this translation, Blizzard's Chinese division had some disagreements and quarrels with Jiucheng, and this line was almost cut. But fortunately, if the translation is really "you are not ready!" The momentum is much weaker, the meaning is all gone, and it will not become a classic line at all. And at that time the national service are waiting for TBC online for more than a year, and then hear a "you are not ready" only to instantly collapse.

2.If we meet again, then I wish you a good death!

After the demon hunter profession appeared in the world of warcraft, and the demon hunter NPC opponents, they often say such a line: "If there is no date, then I wish you a good death". The translation of this line is more faithful to the original English, but than the previous blood elves NPCs move to "for the glory of Sindore" to look more forced, but also echoed the Ilidare in order to fight the Burning Legion willing to pay everything set, so people are very impressed.

3.Twilight dragon Ozorkhion lines

Cataclysmic version of the Twilight Dragon Ozorkhion's lines because it is too classic, and many players set to shout macro on the horse: I am the beginning of the end, the shadow of the sun, the death knell of destruction, the meaning of my existence is for this moment, witness your death and despair, mortals! The original English version of this line is indeed also written quite dominant, coupled with the national service full of characteristics of the embellished pen, it is not surprising that it is loved by so many players.

4.Thor lines

Of course, to say that the boss's domineering too, but also absolutely not less than the Lord of Thunder's lines in the copy of the throne of Thor: I am the God of Thunder, the king of the regicide, the God of the death of God! To tell the truth, this sentence and "seeking death" belong to the same deviation from the original meaning of more translation, the original English version of the direct translation is probably: I am the god of thunder, the king and the god of executioner, you have made a serious mistake (to challenge me). The translator omitted the last sentence and embellished it to become this line with a full model.

5.Many people's dream is not just to become a "game player"

The game as a new industry continues to rise, competition is becoming more and more intense, many domestic game companies choose to "go out", there are also many foreign game companies choose to "come in", and the first step is the need to do a good job of game localization, whenever the game design and development is completed Whenever the game design and development is completed, the localization work needs to be completed in the first time and in time. 

As the basis of in-game text translation, high-quality localization language can enhance the goodwill of players and close the distance between players, and also can bring considerable revenue for game companies. 

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