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Compared with conventional translation, translation accuracy is particularly important for financial and legal documents. Mistranslation of any details or unprofessional translation may cause misunderstanding and information confusion, which may lead to economic losses, potential legal disputes, and even political risks.Financial translation often ...

Compared with conventional translation, translation accuracy is particularly important for financial and legal documents. Mistranslation of any details or unprofessional translation may cause misunderstanding and information confusion, which may lead to economic losses, potential legal disputes, and even political risks.

Financial translation often involves financial statements/annual reports and various other bank documents. Even the smallest mistakes can cause catastrophic results. Therefore, it is essential to cooperate with experienced and highly professional translation service providers. LocalizationLine is based on a translation network composed of financial industry experts from all over the world, which can help you achieve smooth and authentic communication.

Financial industry covers a wide range, and there are a large number of professional terms in each category. Professional translators must be selected for the accumulation and mastery of terminology. Financial translation should pay attention to data. Any deviation in data translation may bring irreparable consequences such as damage to the reputation of the customer.

International business exchanges as well as immigration and study have increased the demand for legal translation services. In addition to common laws, rules, and regulations, it also includes treaties, agreements, contracts, articles of association, guarantees, judgments, and etc. Within the scope of the United Nations, there are judgments and advisory opinions of the International Court of Justice, resolutions of the General Assembly and the Security Council, draft articles drafted by the United Nations International Law Commission and other documents.

In many foreign economic exchanges, more companies will encounter the foreign language translation of these legal documents. In order to do a professional translation of these legal documents, it is very necessary to understand the related issues and specific requirements of foreign language document translation. When legal documents are translated, rights and obligations are involved, which have legal effects and have legal consequences. The translation must be loyal to the original text and must not create doubts, so as to avoid related legal disputes.


  • Contract/Agreement: labor contract, commercial contract, foreign trade contract, real estate contract, insurance agreement, supplementary agreement, cooperation agreement, assignment agreement
  • Legal litigation disputes: due diligence documents, archive cases, court orders and subpoenas, evidence testimony translation, litigation documents, court escorts Patent/Intellectual property: registration documents, business licenses, trademarks and copyrights, patent applications, software licenses, privacy policies, intellectual property documents
  • Other legal translations: laws and regulations, legal papers, legal documents, government official documents, notarization translation, terms and conditions and other legal translations
  • Finance and Trade: translation in the fields of finance, insurance, wealth management, investment, banking, e-commerce, foreign trade, education and training, culture and sports, etc.
  • Commercial documents: translation of financial statements, accounting vouchers, public relations documents, investment plans, audit reports, contract agreements, tax certificates and other documents Commercial marketing: website localization, brand advertising, corporate information, promotional materials, corporate brochures, media reports, news and public opinion, business cooperation
  • Advanced interpreting: international multilingual interpreting for expositions, trade fairs, business negotiations, economic forums, foreign trade exhibitions, seminars, conferences, etc.

LocalizationLine's Solutions

  • Legal and financial industry project management team

    LocalizationLine carefully selects native translators with knowledge of the legal and financial industry and many years of translation experience for each long-term customer, and establishes a multi-language professional localization project management team composed of native translators, industry experts, localization engineers, project managers and DTP typesetting personnel. After the translation of the manuscript is completed, experts in the legal and financial industry will review and check the industry terminology and professional expression, and improve the language quality to make it conform to the industry habits of the target language.

  • Well-designed 5-step process management

    LocalizationLine implements the process of "translation + editing + typesetting + technical proofreading (for technical manuscripts) + proofreading" for each project, and maintains high professional standards. Before sending the completed project to the customer, it will take special measures and the content is reviewed twice to ensure that the project is error-free and meets the highest industry standards.

  • Customer-exclusive industry TB & TM

    For each long-term client, LocalizationLine establishes an exclusive style guide, TB (Term Base) and TM (Translation Memory) and update them in time to ensure long-term stable translation quality, improve efficiency, and help huge project implementation and cost control.

  • On-time delivery

    We will match a sufficient number of translators for your project, and update the project processing progress of each translator in real time on the platform, and make timely responses and adjustments. Maximize to ensure that we can deliver your project within the deadline.

  • Confidentiality

    We are well aware of the importance of confidentiality in the legal and financial industry. Not only will we sign a "confidentiality agreement" with each customer, but the project participants will also sign relevant confidentiality agreements. LocalizationLine has a bank-level encrypted transmission system and translation process management certification. We strictly follow the confidential process and guidelines to ensure the security of all customers' documents, data and information.

  • Tool support

    Projects management platform, Documents management platform, Documents transfer platform, Cloud customer management system, Self-developed online translation tool, Order management system, and related tools can also be customized according to client needs.

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