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What are the advantages of professional translation companies compared to individual translators?

release time:Sep 23,2022

Today, let's talk about the advantages of translation companies compared with individual translators? In the increasingly competitive translation industry, many people think that the biggest difference with translation companies is price. Some people also think that translation companies are not also translators to translate? What's the difference? But is this really the case?


Obviously not, because there are still essential differences between translation companies and individual translators, so what five advantages do good translation companies have?

1. Credit guarantee

The biggest difference between a company and an individual is that one is a legal person and the other is a natural person. Many things cannot be provided by natural persons, such as a series of formal procedures such as business licenses, contracts, invoices, and seals.

The legal person is different. All the subject qualification information of the company can be found on the market supervision and management website, which makes this transaction reliable. Especially enterprises with translation needs will be more inclined to cooperate with translation companies. , not wanting to save money for the business, but to make the transaction more secure.

2. Professional translation team

Personal translation ability is limited. Translation business involves different industry fields. Can one person be proficient in it?

Localilzationline has a team of professional translators who will match you with the most suitable team and number of people according to the type, size, and size of the project. Because of the talent reserve and scheduling capabilities, even if an urgent project is encountered, additional staff can be dispatched to complete the project without sacrificing the quality of translation. This greatly guarantees the quality and efficiency of translation, and also avoids damage to personal and corporate business interests due to unprofessional translation of individuals.

3. Check the translation

Unlike personal translations, translation companies do not deliver manuscripts directly to clients. The translation company has "translation reviewers" who are specially responsible for this work, and each project will be reviewed and proofread at various levels.

Of course, taking Localilzationline as an example, we are also very strict in the selection of translation reviewers. We need senior translators with many years of translation experience, who are good at various fields and who have obtained advanced translation qualification certificates. Even foreigners are the translation reviewers. Each language will be equipped with a translator to reduce errors caused by translation to a greater extent.

After the translators efficiently complete the translation of the first draft, and then proofread and revise by professional translation reviewers, the quality of the translation will be "improved", and low-level spelling and grammatical errors will not appear, and we will make the language more authentic and more authentic. Fit professional background.

4. Pure native language translation

Different languages determine the way of thinking, behavior, language and other expressions of different nationalities, so pure native language translation is extremely important. Especially in today's fast update frequency of Internet hot words, such as many Internet vocabulary in Chinese, if you do not have the ability to translate your native language, it is difficult to express semantics correctly through language conversion.

5. Perfect after-sales service guarantee

Good products are inseparable from good services. In order to protect the rights and interests of customers, Localilzationline not only provides contracts and invoices, but also provides unlimited revision services until the customer is satisfied and the effect is achieved, and you are not satisfied with your translator. , can also be replaced at any time until the customer is satisfied. These are all things that individual translators cannot do.

Localilzationline is a professional translation company with more than 20 years of translation experience in the industry. It has perfect process and guaranteed quality and price. It is a one-stop language translation service provider around you.

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