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How important is the CAT tool used in professional translation?

release time:Sep 22,2022

I believe that those who have been exposed to translation or have experience in translation processing are no strangers to CAT tools. CAT tools and namely: computer-aided translation tools, in order to improve translation efficiency, ensure translation quality, and assist translators to better complete translation work. So CAT tools, how does it work? How important is it in translation?

How does CAT work?

First, CAT software divides the source text into smaller units called translation units or segments (or TUs for short). The tool then creates a translation database that holds all source and translated segments. The CAT search engine allows translators to view saved segments, search for similar segments and translate them. With termbases, glossaries and translation memories, CAT tools help translators ensure that the terminology and writing style of source documents are translated accurately.

The best CAT tools on the market include auto-suggestions, quality assurance, side-by-side alignment, and many more. In general, you can also use spell checking, terminology management, use specific dictionaries, termbases and text indexers, merge translations and source texts, manage projects and translation memories, and automate translation workflows.

Advantages of using CAT tools?

1. Improve work efficiency

As mentioned above, translation memory is based on sentences. If this sentence has been translated in history, it will automatically find out the historical sentence, or if this sentence and another sentence in history are 70%-90% Consistent, it can find out all the consistent things in history. Once it finds out if the sentence is the same as the original sentence, it automatically translates it for you.

Generally speaking, 90% or 80% of this thing is often changed to a different model. For example, the mobile phone used to be black, but now it is white. At this time, you can change a word when you translate, so this way It saves time and cost and greatly improves translation efficiency.

2. Ensure consistency of wording

If the file is large, many people need to translate it together, otherwise it takes several years for one person to translate, and the company cannot wait. Under the premise of multiple translations, how to ensure consistent wording before and after? has become a major problem that needs to be solved.

At this time, the CAT tool comes in handy, and its memory function will allow him to have a matching prompt function. For example, the same word, it will prompt that it has been translated and tell you how it was translated before.

There are several types of matching, one is matching with history; the second is cross-matching between documents, that is, three people translate three documents at the same time, and you will find cross-matching between these three documents. There is also an internal matching, that is, there is a match before and after a document, the software will help you find it, and the front and back can be used. This ensures better translation consistency.

3. Terminology management

Usually, the translation of a professional document requires the construction of a professional terminology database. Take the company as an example. Because of its industrial overseas business expansion, the company has created a lot of professional terms. These terms need to have their own names and they need to be consistent. Otherwise, the terms are inconsistent and the quality of translation cannot be guaranteed.

Professional translation cannot be separated from the use of CAT tools. It can even be said that the level of use of these tools also determines the level of translation to a certain extent.

The above is a brief introduction to CAT tools made by Shunfei Translation. Shunfei Translation is a global one-stop language translation service company with more than 20 years of translation experience and is good at handling translation work in various industries.

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