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What are the requirements for a professional and reliable translation company?

release time:Sep 20,2022

The exchanges between countries in the world are becoming more and more frequent, and the exchanges between languages are also increasing gradually, followed by more and more types of translation. At this time, it is inseparable from professional translation companies to make suggestions. However, some data show that the translation market is developing rapidly following the continuous acceleration of the globalization process. So far, only the domestic translation market has maintained an annual growth rate of more than 50%, and the growth rate has shown an increasing trend every year. With the rapid expansion of the translation service market and the increasing number of translation service companies, how should we choose among many translation companies? What are the requirements for a professional and reliable translation company?

1. Professional translation is required

Generally, translation companies have professional translation teams with many years of translation experience and project management experience. They can provide professional translation services to clients in various fields, and the company is able to carry out secondary proofreading to achieve the level of perfection required by clients.

2. Professional interpreting

Interpreter talents in translation companies are more "gold and precious" than translation talents. They must be senior figures in the translation industry, or returnees from overseas studies and elites who have passed layers of screening. They must have excellent professional background, language skills and on-the-spot experience. . Interpretation tests the responsiveness of translators more than translation. In addition to their professional level, they also have to have a strong psychological quality. In addition, the language of interpretation cannot be limited to major languages such as English, Japanese, and French, but also requires interpreters of small languages, so that the company can be competitive.

3. Simultaneous translation

Now all kinds of press conferences, business conferences, and large-scale international conferences require translation companies to provide simultaneous translation services. This requires the translation company to recruit a group of senior simultaneous translators to ensure uninterrupted real-time translation during the meeting when providing translation. And there must be advanced simultaneous interpretation equipment, otherwise it will be difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice.

4. Diversification of translation business

The above are some basic conditions that translation companies need to have. In addition, from the perspective of business classification, the more the better. For example, it is necessary to be able to translate various notarial certificates that need notarization, legal documents of various countries, translation of degree certification, foreign trade documents and so on. We can also develop dubbing business. Now more and more blockbusters are imported from abroad, translation companies can also cooperate with dubbing companies, such as translation of subtitles, translation of CD dubbing, translation of scripts, and so on.

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