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How is the Sinhala translation quoted?

release time:Sep 14,2022

Sinhala, belonging to the Indo-European language family-Indian language family, is the main official language of Sri Lanka. Some people in the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Maldives, Singapore, Thailand and other places also use Sinhala. This language has some similarities with the languages of northern India and is currently spoken by a population of about 16 million. Any language used has the meaning of communication, and Sinhala is no exception. Especially in today's economic globalization, this ancient small language also has certain translation needs. So how is the Sinhala translation quoted?

#Know the Sinhala language:

Sinhalese is the language of the Sinhalese ethnic group in Sri Lanka, which was formed in the sixth century BC. In the 3rd century BC, Buddhism spread to the island, and the Sinhalese language was enriched and developed. The Sinhalese language in the initial stage was similar to the ancient Indian vernacular, and it developed independently from the ancient Indian vernacular after the 4th century AD. A grammar book written in the 13th century, the Hidart Sangwar, laid the foundation for Sinhalese grammar.

In its early development, Sinhala was deeply influenced by Pali, Sanskrit and Tamil, and in the modern era, it has absorbed a large number of loanwords from Portuguese, Dutch and English. At this point, an independent language consisting of 36 Sinhala and 18 Sanskrit letters was finally formed.

#How to quote in Sinhala?

Language service can be said to be a customized service. For any translation project, there are differences in language pairs, industry fields, project types, and customized needs, so there are also certain differences in prices.

From the perspective of language, the translation quotations of the minor languages to which Sinhala belongs are usually slightly higher than those of mainstream languages such as English. Through more than 20 years of translation experience, Shunfei Translation has customized a complete and reasonable quotation system, which is of high quality and low price in the industry.

Starting from the industry, the professional level of each industry is different, which will directly relate to the selection of translators and the difficulty of translation of manuscripts. Therefore, the Sinhala translation quotation will rise and fall with the professionalism of the industry, but the price difference must also be within a reasonable range.

Starting from the project type, Shunfei Translation can handle various types: document translation, multimedia localization, game localization, interpretation, audio and video translation, post-machine editing, etc. The quotation for each type will be slightly different.

To sum up, the translation quotation in Sinhala is not a simple number, it is a quotation system that needs to be considered comprehensively.

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