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Professional Lao translation suppliers recommended

release time:Sep 13,2022

Laos is a landlocked country located in the northern part of the Indo-China Peninsula, focusing on the development of agriculture, industry and service industries. According to statistics, the bilateral trade between China and Laos in the first half of 2022 increased by 23.8% compared with the same period last year. With the official opening of the Laos-China Import and Export Commodity Distribution Center in July, it provides a platform for cross-border trade and logistics between the two sides. On-site services, translation demand for Lao has also increased. So in the field of Lao translation, which professional translation suppliers are worth recommending?

Know the Lao language

Lao, also known as Lao, is a language of the Zhuang-Dong language family, the Zhuang-Dai branch, which has historically absorbed a large number of loanwords from Sanskrit, Pali and Cambodian.

There are two phonetic characters in Lao language: an older one called "Duo Tan", whose shape and spelling are similar to the old Dai Dai script, which are only found in the Bayeux scriptures of temples, or used in Buddhist academies; the other One is called "Duo Lao," which is similar in shape and spelling to contemporary Thai. Both are derived from the reformed version of the Mon-Khmer alphabet, which is the official language of Laos today.

After having a basic understanding of the Lao language, we will analyze the elements that a professional Lao language supplier should have from 5 perspectives.


Lao translation suppliers should have:

1. Professional native language translators

Lao is a phonetic script with a complex composition, with a total of 27 consonant letters, 6 consonant combination letters, 33 vowel letters, 4 tone marks, and some punctuation marks.

It is particularly worth noting that the Lao language has very high requirements on pronunciation. As long as the pronunciation is slightly inaccurate, others will not understand it. Therefore, for Lao translators, especially companies with interpretation needs, first of all, strict inspection standards must be established for translators.

2. A lot of Lao translation experience

Experience is a translation company's transcript within the industry. The transformation of language requires a lot of accumulation of text knowledge, and also requires a full understanding of various industries. Translation companies with accumulated experience are usually more secure in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

3. Basic understanding of the industry

As the saying goes, every line is like a mountain, and each industry has some professional characteristics, such as: professional equipment, specific terms, professional terms, etc. in the medical industry. If there is a lack of basic knowledge of the industry, what will be the result? One is the lack of understanding of the original text, and the other is that the target language cannot be accurately explained and expressed.

Therefore, when looking for translation suppliers, you should investigate according to your own industry.

4. Perfect translation process

When confirming a translation company, it is important to have a clear understanding of the next process. According to the characteristics of the project, the translation company should issue a complete process. Taking document translation as an example, from document extraction, document analysis, term confirmation, termbase creation, to text translation, image translation, content typesetting, proofreading, etc., corresponding processing methods and docking personnel are required.

5. Reasonable price system

In addition to the above-mentioned information, the final execution of the translation project also needs to rely on a reasonable quotation. Lao language translation usually requires a comprehensive evaluation based on the project type, translation method, language, translation requirements and the industry field.

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