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How to choose a professional Thai translation company?

release time:Sep 26,2022

With the continuous deepening of the "One Belt, One Road" strategy, the continuous deepening of the global integration process, the continuous strengthening of economic and cultural exchanges between countries, and the increasing demand for language translation. Whether it is personal life study or corporate brand development, it is inseparable from the conversion between languages, which is one of the reasons why translation is becoming more and more important. However, many translation companies have been established in recent years, and many people do not know where to start when choosing a translation company. Today, Localizationline takes Thai as an example, and analyzes from which aspects can we choose a professional Thai translation company more accurately?


1.Know Thai:

Thai, which originated from Sanskrit and Pali, is an analytical and isolated language, belonging to the Sino-Tibetan language family. About 6,800 people around the world speak Thai, mainly in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, northwest Vietnam, northwest Cambodia, southwest China, and the Dai-Thai people in northeast India. The basic vocabulary of Thai is mostly monosyllabic words, and different tones have the function of distinguishing vocabulary and grammar.

2.What elements should a professional Thai language company have?

(1). Does the Thai translation company have professional qualifications?

When choosing a translation company, you should first check whether the company has professional qualifications. Due to the lack of regulation in the translation market today, specialization is difficult to meet standards. Some translation companies lack professional certification and lack a systematic management process in the translation field, making it difficult to ensure efficient and high-quality translation. And translation companies that have obtained professional certification through the review of relevant departments have the first layer of protection in terms of reputation.

(2). Does the Thai translation company have a complete process?

High-quality requirements require standardized translation services. When choosing a Thai translation company, clients should clarify the process of translating the entire Thai project. There are specialized Thai translators for translation, proofreading, polishing and final communication with customers. All processes should be of high quality and clearly explained to customers. If there is a problem in the process of Thai translation, a professional Thai translation company will also deal with it in time.

(3). Do you have translation experience in relevant languages and industries?

Successful translation experience is also one of the important factors in examining whether a translation company is professional. When choosing a Thai translation company, you can focus on whether the company's translators have professional native-level Thai language skills, as well as project-related industry knowledge. The so-called interlacing is like a mountain, and translators with professional backgrounds can effectively improve translation efficiency and ensure translation standards.

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