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Processing objects:

Traditional business data: Consumer data from CRM systems, traditional ERP data, inventory data, and accounts data.

Machine-generated/sensor data: Including Call Detail Records, smart meters, industrial equipment sensors, device logs (usually Digital exhaust), transaction data, etc.

Social data: Including user behavior records, feedback data, etc.

Content format: Text/Voice/Image/Video

Big Data Services


Service Items

Our Advantages

  • One-stop service

    Data collection, data annotation, data evaluation and other "one-stop services" can help customers quickly sort out data needs and accurately provide customized services.

  • Industry reputation

    LocalizationLine has a very good reputation among our clients, providing customized services for each marked project and maintaining close cooperation with our clients.

  • Time guarantee

    Full-time markers are on call 7X24 to make flexible adjustments according to demand. Rich management experience ensures smooth project completion, reducing costs and shortening product development cycles for you.

  • Technology-driven

    Technology drives the company's development and effectively improves management efficiency and reduces customer costs through platform empowerment. We also have a first-class quality control system, an advanced quality inspection process, and a 99% accuracy rate of delivery data.

  • Language strength

    Our languages cover many countries and regions around the world, and we can produce pronunciation dictionaries such as dialects, minority languages, and small languages, etc. We have strong dictionary production capabilities and continue to expand our lexical entries.

  • Staffing

    Our technicians have expertise across industries, languages and regions, and we have a team of linguists around the world to provide you with technical support and consulting services.

  • Specialized personnel

    LocalizationLine ensures that specific projects are assigned to linguists who have in-depth knowledge of the specific field and master the specialized terminology. Our PMs only use translators who not only have excellent linguistic skills, but also have a deep knowledge of terminology related to the industry.

  • Security and confidentiality

    LocalizationLine has a bank-grade encryption transmission system, translation process management, so as to guarantee the safety of delivered documents from being leaked or lost.

Why Choose Us

  • 20000+

    Projects experience

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    Industries & fields

  • 230+


  • 30000+

    Native translators

  • 285m+

    Average annual translation volume

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