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Big Data

As more and more enterprises are moving towards online platforms, the production and operation of enterprises are shifting to digital management, which greatly stimulates the global big data market demand. At the same time, the big data market will continue to grow at a fast pace under the trend of digitalization of economy and life driven by inter...

As more and more enterprises are moving towards online platforms, the production and operation of enterprises are shifting to digital management, which greatly stimulates the global big data market demand. At the same time, the big data market will continue to grow at a fast pace under the trend of digitalization of economy and life driven by intertwined applications of technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and information and communication. Viktor Mayr-Schönberg, one of the leading scientists in modern data science, revealed three characteristics of big data in his book "The Age of Big Data", which is popular worldwide: "First, it is not a random sample, but the whole data. Second, it's not precision, but hybridity. Three, not causality, but correlation.

At this point we can see that the translation of Big Data is faced with a "multitude" and "miscellaneous" of data types and data content. This requires a highly professional translator with relevant experience. Moreover, the IT industry is developing rapidly and knowledge is being updated extremely fast, with a large number of new terms being created every now and then. Therefore, translators must keep up with the times, pay attention to the timeliness of IT translation, and keep abreast of the latest knowledge in order to be better qualified for IT translation tasks.

Big Data Application Scenarios

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Related Services

Picture Collection丨Audio Collection丨Video Interception丨Text Collection丨Questionnaire Collection丨3D Point Cloud Data Collection


  • Data Collection

    Picture Collection||Audio Collection||Video Interception||Text Collection||Questionnaire Collection||3D Point Cloud Data Collection Data Collection:(Suitable for data collection in various scenarios, covering full dimensional multimedia data such as text, voice, image and video). Text: Capture text data in various fields according to customer requirements: e-commerce data, music titles, artist names, handwritten notes, abbreviations and acronyms, geographic locations, advertisements, magazines, textbooks, news, social media, legal documents. Voice or Speech: Voice data capture covering multiple dimensions: voice transcription, audio data conversion to text data, dialect accents, and special scenarios. Including microphone/mobile phone/embedded device, single/multiple person, near/far field, studio/public place/indoor/outdoor, reading/speech/conversation, etc.

  • Data Collection

    Images: We are able to capture scene-specific image data: multi-category images, multi-scene images, faces, expressions, graphic symbols, home constructions, traffic elements, location-based images. Video: Provide scene-specific video data acquisition services: video of specified people and operations, video of specified environments, aerial photography.

  • Data Cnnotation

    Our data annotation service accurately labels, classifies, and analyzes unstructured multilingual data for training machine learning applications to ensure accurate results. Suitable for data cleaning, extraction, and special information annotation of large-scale text, speech, image, video, and other special data. Text: We can provide you with multilingual text data annotation services: text annotation, semantic annotation, sentiment color annotation, parallel corpus annotation, text keywords, content classification, sentence structure, semantics, stemming and lexicography, etc.

  • Data Cnnotation

    Voice or Speech: Covers many types of voice annotation: speech transcribed text, valid speech screening, background environment earlier, pronouncer role, TTS accent, intonation, rhyme. Images: We are able to annotate many types of images: image type classification, image label classification, image relevance evaluation, image specific content extraction, invalid image filtering, image text extraction, in-image character expression annotation. Video: Provide different types of video annotation services: video clip segmentation, video transcription of text, behavioral tracks, human expressions, emotions, video quality screening, risky content review, aerial photography.

  • Data Evaluation

    LocalizationLine's data evaluation services can help you improve the quality and accuracy of your online information, helping you improve content review and ensure the relevance of search engines. Improved content review: We protect your reputation by helping you detect and prevent negative content and offensive language generated through chatbots, social media and user feedback.

  • Data Evaluation

    Chatbot help: Whether your chatbot has proven data or not, we can help your chatbot create chat patterns that trigger common instant answers and respond to customers faster. Social media testing: Want to know what your end users are saying about you on social networks? We can help you ensure that your users are getting the best experience and maintaining brand loyalty. Search relevance judging: We offer customized solutions to help you improve your search relevance in general. Our services cover the evaluation of specific search results and even entire search engine results pages.

  • Medical Big Data
  • Marketing Big Data
  • Security Big Data
  • Business Big Data
  • Industrial Big Data
  • Picture Collection
  • Audio Collection
  • Video Interception
  • Text Collection
  • Questionnaire Collection
  • 3D Point Cloud Data Collection

LocalizationLine's Solutions

  • One-stop service

    Data collection, data labeling, data evaluation and other "one-stop services" can help customers quickly sort out data needs and accurately provide customized services.

  • Industry reputation

    LocalizationLine has a very good reputation among our clients, providing customized services for each marked project and maintaining close cooperation with our clients.

  • On-time delivery

    Full-time annotators are on standby 7X24 hours, making flexible adjustments according to needs. Rich management experience ensures the smooth completion of the project, reduces costs and shortens the product development cycle for you.

  • Technology-driven

    Technology drives the company's development and effectively improves management efficiency and reduces customer costs through platform empowerment. We also have a first-class quality control system, an advanced quality inspection process, and a 99% accuracy rate of delivery data.

  • Language advantages

    Our languages cover many countries and regions around the world, and we can produce pronunciation dictionaries such as dialects, minority languages, and small languages, etc. We have strong dictionary production capabilities and continue to expand our lexical entries.

  • Specialized personnel

    LocalizationLine ensures that specific projects are assigned to linguists who have in-depth knowledge of the specific field and master the specialized terminology. Our PMs only use translators who not only have excellent linguistic skills, but also have a deep knowledge of terminology related to the industry.

  • Confidentiality

    We are well aware of the importance of confidentiality in the Big Data Industry. Not only will we sign a "confidentiality agreement" with each customer, but the project participants will also sign relevant confidentiality agreements. LocalizationLine has a bank-level encrypted transmission system and translation process management certification. We strictly follow the confidential process and guidelines to ensure the security of all customers' documents, data and information.

  • Tool support

    Projects management platform, Documents management platform, Documents transfer platform, Cloud customer management system, Self-developed online translation tool, Order management system, and related tools can also be customized according to client needs.

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