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Does LocalizationLine use machine translation (MT)?

For service products that customers explicitly require manual translation, LocalizationLine never uses machine translation.

Translation is a creative process. Excellent quality requires not only proficiency in the source and target languages, but also technical experience and relevant knowledge. However, in the era of technology empowerment, we will use various auxiliary translation tools (CAT) in the translation process to accumulate translation memory (TM) and terminology database to save costs for customers, improve quality and ensure translation consistency.

Auxiliary translation tools and machine translation are not a concept at all. LocalizationLine has an independent "machine translation post-editing" product, which is suitable for manuscripts in special application scenarios, such as large numbers, tight schedules, unofficial uses, only for understanding, and low budget, repetitive manuscripts, on the premise of reaching an agreement after communication and consultation with the customer, we will provide "Machine translation" services, on the results of machine translation through different levels of manual proofreading to complete the product.

For details, please learn more about the independent "MTPE service". "Machine translation editing" of LocalizationLine is by no means synonymous with low quality.